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Multi solar module

Physical Specifications
Dimension [L x W x H] 64.57 x 39.06 x 1.57in (1640 x 992 x 40mm)
Module Area 17.55 sq. ft (1.63 m2)
Weight 39.68 lb (18.0 Kg)
Electrical Characteristics: Performance at STC*1
Model Type PM60-6RT-225 PM60-6RT-230 PM60-6RT-235 PM60-6RT-240 PM60-6RT-245 PM60-6RT-250
Peak Power Rating, Pmax 225W 230W


240W 245W 250W
Power Tolerance -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W
Peak Power Voltage, Vmp 29.27 29.6 29.78 30.18 30.43 30.69
Peak Power Current, Imp 7.75 7.83 7.9 7.99 8.07 8.15
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc 36.85 37.21 37.39 37.75 37.99 38.12
Short Circuit Current, Isc 8.3 8.43 8.48 8.56 8.62 8.63
Module Efficiency 13.8% 14.11% 14.42% 14.72% 15.03% 15.34%
Model Type PM60-6RT-255 PM60-6RT-260 PM60-6RT-265 PM60-6RT-270 PM60-6RT-275  
Peak Power Rating, Pmax 255W 260W


270W 275W  
Power Tolerance -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W -0 / +5W  
Peak Power Voltage, Vmp 30.88 31.21 31.47 31.74 32.01  
Peak Power Current, Imp 8.32 8.36 8.46 8.55 8.64  
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc 38.7 38.85 39.13 39.41 39.7  
Short Circuit Current, Isc 8.94 9.01 9.06 9.15 9.25  
Module Efficiency 15.64% 15.95% 16.26% 16.56% 16.87%  
*STC: Standard Test Condition, 1000W/m2, AM 1.5, 25°C

Packing Specifications
Modules Per Carton 12pcs/Carton
Modules Per Pallet 24pcs/Pallet (=2 Cartons/Pallet)
Pallet Dimension [L x W x H] 66.3 x 44.7 x 43.9 in (1685 x 1134 x 1114 mm)
Pallet Weight 1134 Lbs (514Kg)
20ft Container Capacity (pcs) 288
40ft Container Capacity (pcs) 672
System Integration Parameter & Safety Rating
Maximum System Voltage (U.S. & Canada) 600VDC
Maximum System Voltage
(Area Not in the U.S. & Canada)
1000VDC (According to Norms in Each Area)
Series Fuse Rating 15A
Fire Safety Class Class C
Application Class Class A (Safety Class II)
Environmental Operating Temperature (°F, °C) -40 to 185°F, -40 to 85°C
Thermal Characteristics
Product 10Years
90% Output Power 10Years
80% Output Power 25Years
Component materials
Cell Qty per Module 60pcs
Cell Type Poly-crystalline Silicon
Cell Dimensions 6 x 6 in (156 x 156 mm)
Laminate Construction Front: Tempered Glass
Encapsulation: Solar Cells Embedded in EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate)
Rear: Tedlar
Color of back sheet: White
Glass Low-Iron Tempered Glass
Standard thickness: 0.126in (=3.2mm)
(>0.126in (=3.2mm), ex. 0.157in (=4mm) or above, custom-made possible.)
Junction Box IP65, Kit with Solar Cables & Connectors, TÜV Certified & UL Listed
Bypass Diodes 3pcs, TÜV Certified & UL Listed
Cable Solar Cable x2 (Kit with Junction Box & Connector)
Cable Length: 39.37/39.37in. (1000/1000mm)
Wire Size: AWG #12, 4.0mm2 , TÜV Certified & UL Listed
Connector Yukita Connectors, x2 (Male Coupler x1 + Female Coupler x1) MC4 Connectors (Optional), x2 (Male Coupler x1 + Female Coupler x1)
TÜV Certified & UL Listed
Frame Anodized Aluminum Frame. Color: Silver or Black
Thermal Characteristics
NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature) °F, °C 120.38°F, 49.1°C
Temperature Coefficient TK Isc (Short Circuit Current) α +0.123%/°C
Temperature Coefficient TK Voc (Open Circuit Voltage) β -0.296%/°C
Temperature Coefficient TK Pmax (Peak Power) γ -0.376%/°C
About SUNWIN Solar
SUNWIN Solar is a global professional manufacturer to provide solar modules and solar system construction. Through best-quality, and high-performance solar modules and a variety of solar solutions, SUNWIN Solar can meet and satisfy your perfect standard and need.
High Performance
Own key technologies and capabilities to rapidly ramp up.
Module maximum conversion efficiency >16%.
Full Square Multicrystalline high efficiency solar modules.
Best Quality and Reliability
We guarantee that all the solar modules are made in Taiwan.
Modules independently tested to ensure conformance with certification and regulatory standards.
Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards.
10-year limited product warranty.
Warranty of minimal power output 90% at STC for 10 years.
Warranty of minimal power output 80% at STC for 25 years.


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